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Resistance AI Workshop

Suzanne Kite · Mattie Tesfaldet · J Khadijah Abdurahman · William Agnew · Elliot Creager · Agata Foryciarz · Raphael Gontijo Lopes · Pratyusha Kalluri · Marie-Therese Png · Manuel Sabin · Maria Skoularidou · Ramon Vilarino · Rose Wang · Sayash Kapoor · Micah Carroll

It has become increasingly clear in the recent years that AI research, far from producing neutral tools, has been concentrating power in the hands of governments and companies and away from marginalized communities. Unfortunately, NeurIPS has lacked a venue explicitly dedicated to understanding and addressing the root of these problems. As Black feminist scholar Angela Davis famously said, "Radical simply means grasping things at the root." Resistance AI exposes the root problem of AI to be how technology is used to rearrange power in the world. AI researchers engaged in Resistance AI both resist AI that centralizes power into the hands of the few and dream up and build human/AI systems that put power in the hands of the people. This workshop will enable AI researchers in general, researchers engaged in Resistance AI, and marginalized communities in particular to reflect on AI-fueled inequity and co-create tactics for how to address this issue in our own work.

We will use the main/webinar Zoom + livestream for most events, with interactive events taking place on a separate auxiliary/breakout Zoom or Please see our workshop site for details:
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