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NeurIPS 2020 · Thirty-fourth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

Sun Dec 6th through Sat the 12th
Sunday is an industry expo
Virtual-only Conference

More information about the schedule and virtual conference is available in this blog post.


Post Conference Announcements

  • If you need a certificate of attendance, they're available from the Registration page in Section 3. Click the button "Email Certificate of Attendance."
  • All conference content, except discussions held in RocketChat will become free to the public in late January. All videos will be remain available through the schedule and on SlidesLive's NeurIPS video lake

2020 Organizing Committee

General Chair

Hugo Larochelle, Google Research

Program Chair

Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Facebook AI Research

Program Co-chairs

Raia Hadsell, DeepMind
Maria Florina Balcan,  Carnegie Mellon University
Hsuan-Tien Lin,  National Taiwan University

Workshop Chair

Marzyeh Ghassemi, University of Toronto

Workshop Co-chairs

Julien Mairal, Inria Grenoble
Stefanie Jegelka, MIT
Sanmi Koyejo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & Google Research

Tutorial Chairs

Danielle Belgrave, Microsoft Research
Bob Williamson, ANU & DATA61

Demonstration and Competition Chairs

Hugo Jair Escalante, INAOE & CINVESTAV
Katja Hofmann, Microsoft Research

Expo Chair

Neil Lawrence, Cambridge University
Pablo Samuel Castro, Google Research
Yale Song, Microsoft Research

Meetup Chairs

Anoush Najarian, MathWorks
Emtiyaz Khan, RIKEN
Louvere Walker-Hannon, MathWorks

Communication Chairs

Katherine Gorman, Collective Next
Michael Littman, Brown University

Reproducibility Chairs

Joelle Pineau, McGill & FAIR
Koustuv Sinha, McGill

Diversity and Inclusion Chairs

Katherine Heller, Duke & Google Research
Lester Mackey, Microsoft Research & Stanford

Social Chairs

Maria Skoularidou, University of Cambridge
Vukosi Marivate, University of Pretoria

Online Experience Chairs

Y-Lan Boureau, Facebook AI Research
Hendrik Strobelt, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Workflow Manager

Zhenyu (Sherry) Xue, Salk Institute

Workflow Co-Manager

Si-An Chen, National Taiwan University

Workflow Assistants

Mikhail Khodak, Carnegie Mellon University
Yu-Ting Chou, National Taiwan University

Ethics Advisor

Iason Gabriel, DeepMind

We would also like to thank TPMS and OpenReview as wells as AMiner for helping us mine co-authorship information.

Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation Board 2020


Terrence Sejnowski, The Salk Institute


Marian Stewart Bartlett, Apple Inc.


Michael Mozer, Google Research

Board Members

Samy Bengio, Google Research
Corinna Cortes, Google Research
Isabelle Guyon, U. Paris-Saclay & ChaLearn
Hugo Larochelle, Google Research
Neil D. Lawrence, Cambridge University
Daniel D. Lee, University of Pennsylvania
Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Facebook (term beginning in 2021)
Masashi Sugiyama,  RIKEN & The University of Tokyo
Ulrike von Luxburg, University of Tübingen (term ending in 2020)
Hanna Wallach, Microsoft Research

Legal Advisor

David Kirkpatrick

Executive Director

Mary Ellen Perry, Salk Institute

Emeritus Members

Gary Blasdel, Harvard Medical School
T. L. Fine, Cornell University
Eve Marder, Brandeis University 

Advisory Board

Peter Bartlett,  Queensland University and University California, Berkeley
Sue Becker, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal, Canada
Léon Bottou, Facebook AI Research and NYU
Chris J.C. Burges, Microsoft Research
Jack Cowan, University of Chicago
Thomas G. Dietterich, Oregon State University
Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge
Stephen Hanson, Rutgers University
Michael I. Jordan, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania
Scott Kirkpatrick, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Daphne Koller, Stanford University
John Lafferty, Yale University
Todd K. Leen
Richard Lippmann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bartlett Mel, University of Southern California
John Moody, JEM
John C. Platt, Google
Fernando Pereira, Google Research
Gerald Tesauro, IBM Watson Labs
Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University
Dave Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon University
Lawrence Saul, University of California, San Diego
Bernhard Schölkopf, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen/Stuttgart
Dale Schuurmans, University of Alberta, Canada
John Shawe-Taylor, University College London
Yoram Singer, Princeton University
Sara A. Solla, Northwestern University Medical School
Yair Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Max Welling, University of  Amsterdam
Chris Williams, University of Edinburgh
Rich Zemel, University of Toronto


About NeurIPS

The purpose of the Neural Information Processing Systems annual meeting is to foster the exchange of research on neural information processing systems in their biological, technological, mathematical, and theoretical aspects. The core focus is peer-reviewed novel research which is presented and discussed in the general session, along with invited talks by leaders in their field. On Sunday is an Expo, where our top industry sponsors give talks, panels, demos, and workshops on topics that are of academic interest. On Monday are tutorials, which cover a broad background on current lines of inquiry, affinity group meetings, and the opening talk & reception. The general sessions are held Tuesday - Thursday, and include talks, posters, and demonstrations. Friday - Saturday are the workshops, which are smaller meetings focused on current topics, and provide an informal, cutting edge venue for discussion.

More about the foundation