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Invited Speakers Dec 4th-7th

Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley, Open AI), Kate Crawford (Microsoft Research), Brendan Frey (Deep Genomics, Vector Institute, Univ. Toronto), Lise Getoor (UC Santa Cruz), Yael Niv (Princeton), John Platt (Google), Yee Whye Teh (Oxford, DeepMind)

Call For Workshops and Symposia

Following the NIPS 2017 main conference, symposia and workshops on a variety of current topics will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016 (symposia), Friday December 9 (workshops) and Saturday December 10, 2016 (workshops). We invite researchers interested in chairing one of these symposia or workshops to submit proposals. 

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Call for Demonstrations Dec 5-6th

NIPS has a Demonstration Track running in parallel with some of the evening Poster Sessions. The submission deadline is Sep 14. 

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Call for Competitions

NIPS has had traditionally a demonstration track with competition for best demo (also available for NIPS 2017). The call for competitions corresponds to a completely new NIPS track/special session. Submission deadline was March 15. Competition track day at the conference will be December 8th.

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NIPS 2017 Reviewers

NIPS is proud to announce the full list of 2017 reviewers. 

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Travel Ban

The NIPS Foundation is committed to an open international exchange of information, which may not be possible if there is a US travel ban.

The 2017 NIPS Conference is scheduled to take place in Long Beach on December 4-9.  In the event that it is not possible for an author whose paper is accepted at NIPS to attend, we are exploring ways for authors to present their results through the internet. The 2018 NIPS Conference will return to Montreal.

Our goal is to open NIPS Conferences and Workshops to researchers from all parts of the world and we regret that US government restrictions may make it difficult or impossible for some to participate this year.

The Thirty-first Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) is a multi-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that includes invited talks, demonstrations, symposia and oral and poster presentations of refereed papers. Following the conference, there are workshops which provide a less formal setting.