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Call for Meetups

October 2, 2020-Updated due to COVID-19

NeurIPS strongly encourages the organization of meetups to provide an additional way for the NeurIPS community to engage  to open up access to communities worldwide and to connect participants by geographic area and language .

We are therefore looking for meetup organizers and sponsors to volunteer to create a network of NeurIPS meetups around the world. To ensure a smooth experience for all participants, we encourage you to submit proposals for meetups. We will select some of them to be advertised and promoted as official meetups.

Supermeetups are no longer an option for NeurIPS 2020 this year due to COVID19.
This year we are introducing new meetups called “supermeetups”. Supermeetups are meetups meant to attract/host a large number of participants and to bring the NeurIPS experience at a central location to a large audience outside the main conference.The format of these meetups should closely resemble that of the main conference. We are also hoping to hold some tutorials/keynote at a supermeetup which can then be streamed into the main conference, so the organizers should be prepared to facilitate such activities. Given these additional expectations for supermeetups, NeurIPS will be providing them with financial support.

NeurIPS 2020 meetups will be virtual only.
Meetup organizers will be expected and have the responsibility of following the government health guidance of their country.


Important dates

Deadline for submitting a proposal: The date MeetupSubmissionDeadline not found. (Anywhere on Earth)

Notification of acceptance: The date MeetupNotificationOfAcceptance not found.

For organizers

To submit a proposal, please submit this form »

How will proposals be judged?

Proposals will be judged based on these criteria:

  • Community engagement (e.g., statement on diversity and inclusion, promotion of local ML initiatives, local events and socials, serving regions with low access to ML conferences, etc.)
  • Organizing team (e.g., organizational expertise, past experiences in organizing such events, ability to attract volunteers, etc.) 
  • Content (e.g., broadcasting a large part of the conference: orals, keynotes, tutorials; hosting local speakers, posters, workshops, and tutorials, etc.)
  • Schedule (e.g., one or more days during or around the time of NeurIPS 2020)

Code of conduct

Selected meetups will be an official part of NeurIPS, and organizers must require each participant to sign the NeurIPS Code of Conduct.

For sponsors

If you are an organization and wish to sponsor (but not organize) a NeurIPS meetup, please fill in this form.