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Conditioned Spatial Downscaling of Climate Variables
Alex Hung · Evan Becker · Ted Zadouri · Aditya Grover
Affinity Workshop
Assessing Schistosomiasis transmission dynamics with heterogeneous intermediate host: A modeling study
Chidozie Chukwu
Wed 9:00 Beyond black box densities: Parameter learning for the deviated components
Dat Do · Nhat Ho · XuanLong Nguyen
Fri 11:06 Statistical Downscaling of Sea Surface Temperature Projections with a Multivariate Gaussian Process Model
Ayesha Ekanayaka
Tue 9:00 Learning (Very) Simple Generative Models Is Hard
Sitan Chen · Jerry Li · Yuanzhi Li
LiFe-net: Data-driven Modelling of Time-dependent Temperatures and Charging Statistics Of Tesla’s LiFePo4 EV Battery
Jeyhun Rustamov · Luisa Fennert · Nico Hoffmann
Thu 14:00 A Kernelised Stein Statistic for Assessing Implicit Generative Models
Wenkai Xu · Gesine D Reinert
Thu 9:00 An Analytical Theory of Curriculum Learning in Teacher-Student Networks
Luca Saglietti · Stefano Mannelli · Andrew Saxe
Wed 9:00 Mean Estimation in High-Dimensional Binary Markov Gaussian Mixture Models
Yihan Zhang · Nir Weinberger
Thu 9:00 A Unified Statistical Learning Model for Rankings and Scores with Application to Grant Panel Review
Michael Pearce · Elena A. Erosheva
Thu 9:00 Detecting Abrupt Changes in Sequential Pairwise Comparison Data
Wanshan Li · Alessandro Rinaldo · Daren Wang
Thu 14:00 Semantic uncertainty intervals for disentangled latent spaces
Swami Sankaranarayanan · Anastasios Angelopoulos · Stephen Bates · Yaniv Romano · Phillip Isola