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Meta-Learning Makes a Better Multimodal Few-shot Learner
Ivona Najdenkoska · Xiantong Zhen · Marcel Worring
Uncertainty-Aware Meta-Learning for Multimodal Task Distributions
Cesar Almecija · Apoorva Sharma · Young-Jin Park · Navid Azizan
Multimodal deep transfer learning for the analysis of optical coherence tomography scans and retinal fundus photographs
Zoi Tsangalidou · Edwin Fong · Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard · Trine J Abrahamsen · Kajsa Kvist
APE: Aligning Pretrained Encoders to Quickly Learn Aligned Multimodal Representations
Elan Rosenfeld · Preetum Nakkiran · Hadi Pouransari · Oncel Tuzel · Fartash Faghri
Toward Effective Deep Reinforcement Learning for 3D Robotic Manipulation: End-to-End Learning from Multimodal Raw Sensory Data
Samyeul Noh · Hyun Myung
Fri 0:40 End-to-end Multimodal Representation Learning for Video Dialog
Huda Alamri · Apoorva Beedu · Irfan Essa · Anthony Bilic · Michael Hu
Divert More Attention to Vision-Language Tracking
Mingzhe Guo · Zhipeng Zhang · Heng Fan · Liping Jing
Anatomy-informed multimodal learning for myocardial infarction prediction
Ivan-Daniel Sievering · Ortal Senouf · Thabo Mahendiran · David Nanchen · Stephane Fournier · Olivier Muller · Pascal Frossard · Emmanuel Abbe · Dorina Thanou
SCOOTR: Single-Cell Multimodal Data Integration with Contrastive Learning and Optimal Transport
Federico Gossi · Pushpak Pati · Adriano Martinelli · Maria Anna Rapsomaniki
Mitigating input-causing confounding in multimodal learning via the backdoor adjustment
Taro Makino · Krzysztof Geras · Kyunghyun Cho
Affinity Workshop
Multimodal Deep Learning for Weapon Detection
Parie Desai · Prajwal Saokar · William Wansing
Wed 14:00 Cross-modal Learning for Image-Guided Point Cloud Shape Completion
Emanuele Aiello · Diego Valsesia · Enrico Magli