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Wed 16:30 Variance-Aware Off-Policy Evaluation with Linear Function Approximation
Yifei Min · Tianhao Wang · Dongruo Zhou · Quanquan Gu
Thu 0:30 Bridging the Gap Between Practice and PAC-Bayes Theory in Few-Shot Meta-Learning
Nan Ding · Xi Chen · Tomer Levinboim · Sebastian Goodman · Radu Soricut
Tue 16:30 A Theory-Driven Self-Labeling Refinement Method for Contrastive Representation Learning
Pan Zhou · Caiming Xiong · Xiaotong Yuan · Steven Chu Hong Hoi
Fri 8:30 Two Sides of Meta-Learning Evaluation: In vs. Out of Distribution
Amrith Setlur · Oscar Li · Virginia Smith
Oral Session
Wed 8:00 Oral Session 3: Theory
Wed 0:30 Reliable Estimation of KL Divergence using a Discriminator in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
Sandesh Ghimire · Aria Masoomi · Jennifer Dy
Tue 16:30 Faster Matchings via Learned Duals
Michael Dinitz · Sungjin Im · Thomas Lavastida · Benjamin Moseley · Sergei Vassilvitskii
Fine-tuning Vision Transformers for the Prediction of State Variables in Ising Models
Onur Kara · Arijit Sehanobish · HECTOR CORZO
Thu 16:30 Fast Policy Extragradient Methods for Competitive Games with Entropy Regularization
Shicong Cen · Yuting Wei · Yuejie Chi
Thu 8:30 The Flip Side of the Reweighted Coin: Duality of Adaptive Dropout and Regularization
Daniel LeJeune · Hamid Javadi · Richard Baraniuk
Tue 16:30 Overparameterization Improves Robustness to Covariate Shift in High Dimensions
Nilesh Tripuraneni · Ben Adlam · Jeffrey Pennington
Fri 8:30 A Provably Efficient Model-Free Posterior Sampling Method for Episodic Reinforcement Learning
Christoph Dann · Mehryar Mohri · Tong Zhang · Julian Zimmert