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Invited Talk (Posner Lecture)

The Real AI Revolution

<div class="supplemental-html"> <ul style="list-style-type: none; line-height:1em; font-size:.9em; color:#666;padding: 5px !important;"> <li>Moderator: Chris Williams</li> <li>On-demand video (45 minutes)</li> <li>Live Q&A (10 min)</li> <li>Break (5 min)</li> <li>Ask Me Anything Chat (up to an hour)</li> </ul> </div>

Chris Bishop

Moderator : Chris Williams


The two long-held aspirations to understand the mechanisms of human intelligence, and to recreate such intelligence in machines, have inspired many of us to build our careers in the field of machine learning. However, while the creation of technologies supporting general intelligence would be truly revolutionary, such an achievement still seems to lie well into the future. Meanwhile, another profound revolution, also built on machine learning, is already unfolding and is set to transform almost every aspect of our lives. In this talk I will highlight the nature of this revolution and why the coming decade will be a hugely exciting, and critically important, time to engage deeply in machine learning for those who want to have a truly transformational impact in the real world.

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