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AI Assisted Data Labeling

Michael Desmond · Evelyn Duesterwald · Kristina Brimijoin · Michael Muller · Aabhas Sharma · Narendra Nath Joshi · Qian Pan · Casey Dugan · Zahra Ashktorab · Michelle Brachman


Human-in-the-loop data labeling is generally considered a tedious, error-prone and expensive activity. Automation of the labeling task is desirable, but current approaches can conflict with principles of trust and human agency. We are developing a data labeling experience where the human labeler transparently interacts with an AI assistant to reach automation readiness, at which point the remainder of the labeling task can be delegated to a virtual assistant. Our approach combines semi-supervised learning, active learning, and human-machine decision tracking to reduce labeling effort and support reliable automation. The demo takes participant through an online end-to-end AI assisted data labeling experience, starting with manual labeling, then assisted labeling and ultimately transitioning to automated labeling via a system of readiness checkpoints.

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