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Workshop: Crowd Science Workshop: Remoteness, Fairness, and Mechanisms as Challenges of Data Supply by Humans for Automation

Active Learning from Crowd in Item Screening (by Evgeny Krivosheev, Burcu Sayin, Alessandro Bozzon and Zoltán Szlávik)

Evgeny Krivosheev · Burcu Sayin Günel · Alessandro Bozzon · Zoltan Szlavik


In this paper, we explore how to efficiently combine crowdsourcing and machine intelligence for the problem of document screening, where we need to screen a finite number of documents with a set of machine-learning filters. Specifically, we focus on building a set of machine learning classifiers that evaluate documents, and then screen them efficiently. It is a challenging task since the budget is limited and there are countless number of ways to spend the given budget on the problem. We propose a multi-label active learning screening specific sampling technique -objective-aware sampling- for querying unlabelled documents for annotating. Our algorithm takes a decision on which machine filter needs more training data and how to choose unlabeled items to annotate in order to minimize the risk of overall classification errors rather than minimizing a single filter error. Our results demonstrate that objective-aware sampling significantly outperforms the state of the art sampling strategies on multi-filter classification problems.