Expo Demonstration
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AWS has a fast-growing team of scientists to support its computer vision services with cutting-edge science. In this demonstration, Stefano Soatto will first deliver an opening talk on AWS AI Applications. We will then show a selected set of the latest computer vision services and product-driven scientific developments at AWS. In particular, we will demonstrate Amazon Rekognition, the AWS services to automate your image and video analysis with machine learning. The demos will cover Amazon Rekognition Labels, Content Moderation, Personal Protection Equipment Detection, and Custom Labels, as well as our work on video analysis. We will also demonstrate Amazon Textract services, which can automatically extract printed text, handwriting, and structured data from documents. The demos will cover DetectText (OCR), Text in Image, and AnalyzeDoc Forms and Tables. Meanwhile, AWS takes the utmost care about the fairness of the algorithms and models. We will have a panel discussion on Fairness in AI delivered by Michael Kearns, Michelle Lee, Pietro Perona, and Nashlie Sephus. In the final 15-min QA session, you will have the opportunity to chat with AWS scientists. Please join us to learn more about AWS computer vision science.

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