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Wed 9:00 HyperTree Proof Search for Neural Theorem Proving
Guillaume Lample · Timothee Lacroix · Marie-Anne Lachaux · Aurelien Rodriguez · Amaury Hayat · Thibaut Lavril · Gabriel Ebner · Xavier Martinet
Tue 14:00 Pushing the limits of fairness impossibility: Who's the fairest of them all?
Brian Hsu · Rahul Mazumder · Preetam Nandy · Kinjal Basu
Composition Theorems for Interactive Differential Privacy
Xin Lyu
A Unified Convergence Theorem for Stochastic Optimization Methods
Xiao Li · Andre Milzarek
Thu 9:00 Thor: Wielding Hammers to Integrate Language Models and Automated Theorem Provers
Albert Qiaochu Jiang · Wenda Li · Szymon Tworkowski · Konrad Czechowski · Tomasz Odrzygóźdź · Piotr Miłoś · Yuhuai Wu · Mateja Jamnik
Thu 9:00 A Classification of $G$-invariant Shallow Neural Networks
Devanshu Agrawal · James Ostrowski
Tue 14:00 FourierFormer: Transformer Meets Generalized Fourier Integral Theorem
Tan Nguyen · Minh Pham · Tam Nguyen · Khai Nguyen · Stanley Osher · Nhat Ho
Thu 9:00 Unsupervised Learning From Incomplete Measurements for Inverse Problems
Julián Tachella · Dongdong Chen · Mike Davies
Tue 9:00 Learning to Find Proofs and Theorems by Learning to Refine Search Strategies: The Case of Loop Invariant Synthesis
Jonathan Laurent · André Platzer
High-dimensional limit theorems for SGD: Effective dynamics and critical scaling
Gerard Ben Arous · Reza Gheissari · Aukosh Jagannath
Tue 9:00 NaturalProver: Grounded Mathematical Proof Generation with Language Models
Sean Welleck · Jiacheng Liu · Ximing Lu · Hannaneh Hajishirzi · Yejin Choi
Tue 17:00 Panel 2C-1: High-dimensional limit theorems… & Efficient Sampling on…
Xiang Cheng · Reza Gheissari