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Learning Heterogeneous Interaction Strengths by Trajectory Prediction with Graph Neural Network
Seungwoong Ha · Hawoong Jeong
Thu 9:00 Interaction Modeling with Multiplex Attention
Fan-Yun Sun · Isaac Kauvar · Ruohan Zhang · Jiachen Li · Mykel J Kochenderfer · Jiajun Wu · Nick Haber
Thu 14:00 Exponential Separations in Symmetric Neural Networks
Aaron Zweig · Joan Bruna
PolarMOT: How far can geometric relations take us in 3D multi-object tracking?
Aleksandr Kim · Guillem Braso · Aljosa Osep · Laura Leal-TaixĂ©
Wed 9:00 Few-shot Relational Reasoning via Connection Subgraph Pretraining
Qian Huang · Hongyu Ren · Jure Leskovec
Wed 9:00 Descent Steps of a Relation-Aware Energy Produce Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks
Hongjoon Ahn · Yongyi Yang · Quan Gan · Taesup Moon · David P Wipf
Wed 14:00 ReFactor GNNs: Revisiting Factorisation-based Models from a Message-Passing Perspective
Yihong Chen · Pushkar Mishra · Luca Franceschi · Pasquale Minervini · Pontus Lars Erik Saito Stenetorp · Sebastian Riedel