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Thu 9:00 Optimal and Adaptive Monteiro-Svaiter Acceleration
Yair Carmon · Danielle Hausler · Arun Jambulapati · Yujia Jin · Aaron Sidford
Affinity Workshop
Natural language processing for automated information extraction of cancer parameters from free-text pathology reports
Okechinyere Achilonu
Bayesian parameter inference of a vortically perturbed flame model for the prediction of thermoacoustic instability
Max Croci · Joel Vasanth · Ushnish Sengupta · Ekrem Ekici · Matthew Juniper
Thu 14:00 Optimal Comparator Adaptive Online Learning with Switching Cost
Zhiyu Zhang · Ashok Cutkosky · Yannis Paschalidis
Parameter Free Dual Averaging: Optimizing Lipschitz Functions in a Single Pass
Aaron Defazio · Konstantin Mishchenko
Wed 9:00 Free Probability for predicting the performance of feed-forward fully connected neural networks
Reda CHHAIBI · Tariq Daouda · Ezechiel Kahn
Wed 9:00 Normalizing Flows for Knockoff-free Controlled Feature Selection
Derek Hansen · Brian Manzo · Jeffrey Regier
Thu 9:00 Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning with a Safety Editor Policy
Haonan Yu · Wei Xu · Haichao Zhang
Tue 14:00 Parameter-free Regret in High Probability with Heavy Tails
Jiujia Zhang · Ashok Cutkosky
Wed 9:00 Gradient-Free Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization
Tianyi Lin · Zeyu Zheng · Michael Jordan
DyLoRA: Parameter Efficient Tuning of Pre-trained Models using Dynamic Search-Free Low Rank Adaptation
Mojtaba Valipour · Mehdi Rezaghoizadeh · Ivan Kobyzev · Ali Ghodsi
Parameter-free Dynamic Graph Embedding for Link Prediction
Jiahao Liu · Dongsheng Li · Hansu Gu · Tun Lu · Peng Zhang · Ning Gu