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Affinity Workshop
Reduce False Negative in Distant supervised learning using Dependency tree-LSTM to Construct a Knowledge Graph
Samira Korani
Multi-objective Tree-structured Parzen Estimator Meets Meta-learning
Shuhei Watanabe · Noor Awad · Masaki Onishi · Frank Hutter
Tue 14:00 Consistent Sufficient Explanations and Minimal Local Rules for explaining the decision of any classifier or regressor
Salim I. Amoukou · Nicolas Brunel
c-TPE: Generalizing Tree-structured Parzen Estimator with Inequality Constraints for Continuous and Categorical Hyperparameter Optimization
Shuhei Watanabe · Frank Hutter
Estimating Corporate Scope 1 Emissions Using Tree-Based Machine Learning Methods
Elham Kheradmand · Maida Hadziosmanovic · Nazim Benguettat · H. Damon Matthews · Shannon M. Lloyd
Thu 9:00 Instance-Based Uncertainty Estimation for Gradient-Boosted Regression Trees
Jonathan Brophy · Daniel Lowd
Thu 9:00 Why do tree-based models still outperform deep learning on typical tabular data?
Leo Grinsztajn · Edouard Oyallon · Gael Varoquaux
Thu 9:00 TreeMoCo: Contrastive Neuron Morphology Representation Learning
Hanbo Chen · Jiawei Yang · Daniel Iascone · Lijuan Liu · Lei He · Hanchuan Peng · Jianhua Yao
Thu 9:00 Momentum Aggregation for Private Non-convex ERM
Hoang Tran · Ashok Cutkosky
Wed 14:00 (De-)Randomized Smoothing for Decision Stump Ensembles
Miklós Horváth · Mark Müller · Marc Fischer · Martin Vechev
FedTH : Tree-based Hierarchical Image Classification in Federated Learning
Jaeheon Kim · Bong Jun Choi
Thu 14:00 Reconstruction on Trees and Low-Degree Polynomials
Frederic Koehler · Elchanan Mossel