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Machine learning emulation of a local-scale UK climate model
Henry Addison · Elizabeth Kendon · Suman Ravuri · Peter Watson · Laurence Aitchison
Fri 7:40 Federated Learning with Online Adaptive Heterogeneous Local Models
Hanhan Zhou · Tian Lan · Guru Prasadh Venkataramani · Wenbo Ding
Tue 14:00 Consistent Sufficient Explanations and Minimal Local Rules for explaining the decision of any classifier or regressor
Salim I. Amoukou · Nicolas Brunel
Affinity Workshop
When are Local Queries Useful for Robust Learning?
Pascale Gourdeau · Varun Kanade · Marta Kwiatkowska · James Worrell
Thu 9:00 FourierNets enable the design of highly non-local optical encoders for computational imaging
Diptodip Deb · Zhenfei Jiao · Ruth Sims · Alex Chen · Michael Broxton · Misha B Ahrens · Kaspar Podgorski · Srinivas C Turaga
Affinity Workshop
Crowdsourcing-Powered Machine Learning Application for Fake Message Validation and Localized Instant Response Platform in Disaster Management
Olubayo Adekanmbi
Thu 14:00 Stars: Tera-Scale Graph Building for Clustering and Learning
CJ Carey · Jonathan Halcrow · Rajesh Jayaram · Vahab Mirrokni · Warren Schudy · Peilin Zhong
Tue 10:45 Panel 1C-8: Local Spatiotemporal Representation… & Learning Latent Seasonal-Trend…
Mengwei Ren · Zhiyuan Wang
Tue 9:00 Distributed Influence-Augmented Local Simulators for Parallel MARL in Large Networked Systems
Miguel Suau · Jinke He · Mustafa Mert Çelikok · Matthijs Spaan · Frans Oliehoek
Thu 9:00 Communication Acceleration of Local Gradient Methods via an Accelerated Primal-Dual Algorithm with an Inexact Prox
Abdurakhmon Sadiev · Dmitry Kovalev · Peter Richtarik
Thu 14:00 Local Bayesian optimization via maximizing probability of descent
Quan Nguyen · Kaiwen Wu · Jacob Gardner · Roman Garnett
Accelerating Federated Learning Through Attention on Local Model Updates
Parsa Assadi · Byung Hoon Ahn · Hadi Esmaeilzadeh