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Wed 14:00 Cross-Linked Unified Embedding for cross-modality representation learning
Xinming Tu · Zhi-Jie Cao · xia chenrui · Sara Mostafavi · Ge Gao
Fri 14:00 A report on recent experimental tests of two predictions of contemporary computable models of the biological deep neural network underling primate visual intelligence
James J DiCarlo
Deep Surrogate Docking: Accelerating Automated Drug Discovery with Graph Neural Networks
Ryien Hosseini · Filippo Simini · Austin Clyde · Arvind Ramanathan
Fri 11:40 A computational model predicts humans' aesthetic judgments based on deep neural network feature values
Aenne Brielmann
Wed 9:00 Graph Coloring via Neural Networks for Haplotype Assembly and Viral Quasispecies Reconstruction
Hansheng Xue · Vaibhav Rajan · Yu Lin
Wed 14:00 Biologically Inspired Dynamic Thresholds for Spiking Neural Networks
Jianchuan Ding · Bo Dong · Felix Heide · Yufei Ding · Yunduo Zhou · Baocai Yin · Xin Yang
Wed 14:00 Beyond accuracy: generalization properties of bio-plausible temporal credit assignment rules
Yuhan Helena Liu · Arna Ghosh · Blake Richards · Eric Shea-Brown · Guillaume Lajoie
meTCRs - Learning a metric for T-cell receptors
Felix Drost · Lennard Schiefelbein · Benjamin Schubert
Thu 14:00 Biologically-plausible backpropagation through arbitrary timespans via local neuromodulators
Yuhan Helena Liu · Stephen Smith · Stefan Mihalas · Eric Shea-Brown · Uygar Sümbül