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Tue 1:00 An Exponential Lower Bound for Linearly Realizable MDP with Constant Suboptimality Gap
Yuanhao Wang · Ruosong Wang · Sham Kakade
Tue 1:20 Differentiable Quality Diversity
Matthew Fontaine · Stefanos Nikolaidis
Tue 1:20 On the Expressivity of Markov Reward
David Abel · Will Dabney · Anna Harutyunyan · Mark Ho · Michael Littman · Doina Precup · Satinder Singh
Tue 1:40 The best of both worlds: stochastic and adversarial episodic MDPs with unknown transition
Tiancheng Jin · Longbo Huang · Haipeng Luo
Tue 8:30 A unified framework for bandit multiple testing
Ziyu Xu · Ruodu Wang · Aaditya Ramdas
Tue 8:30 Learning MDPs from Features: Predict-Then-Optimize for Sequential Decision Making by Reinforcement Learning
Kai Wang · Sanket Shah · Haipeng Chen · Andrew Perrault · Finale Doshi-Velez · Milind Tambe
Tue 8:30 SILG: The Multi-domain Symbolic Interactive Language Grounding Benchmark
Victor Zhong · Austin W. Hanjie · Sida Wang · Karthik Narasimhan · Luke Zettlemoyer
Tue 8:30 MICo: Improved representations via sampling-based state similarity for Markov decision processes
Pablo Samuel Castro · Tyler Kastner · Prakash Panangaden · Mark Rowland
Tue 8:30 Medical Dead-ends and Learning to Identify High-Risk States and Treatments
Mehdi Fatemi · Taylor Killian · Jayakumar Subramanian · Marzyeh Ghassemi
Tue 8:30 Near-Optimal Offline Reinforcement Learning via Double Variance Reduction
Ming Yin · Yu Bai · Yu-Xiang Wang
Tue 8:30 Heterogeneous Multi-player Multi-armed Bandits: Closing the Gap and Generalization
Chengshuai Shi · Wei Xiong · Cong Shen · Jing Yang
Tue 8:30 Provably Efficient Causal Reinforcement Learning with Confounded Observational Data
Lingxiao Wang · Zhuoran Yang · Zhaoran Wang