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Thu 8:30 A Near-Optimal Algorithm for Debiasing Trained Machine Learning Models
Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin · Mario Lucic
Thu 16:30 A Biased Graph Neural Network Sampler with Near-Optimal Regret
Qingru Zhang · David Wipf · Quan Gan · Le Song
Tue 8:30 Learning MDPs from Features: Predict-Then-Optimize for Sequential Decision Making by Reinforcement Learning
Kai Wang · Sanket Shah · Haipeng Chen · Andrew Perrault · Finale Doshi-Velez · Milind Tambe
Tue 16:30 Pareto-Optimal Learning-Augmented Algorithms for Online Conversion Problems
Bo Sun · Russell Lee · Mohammad Hajiesmaili · Adam Wierman · Danny Tsang
Tue 8:30 Near-Optimal Lower Bounds For Convex Optimization For All Orders of Smoothness
Ankit Garg · Robin Kothari · Praneeth Netrapalli · Suhail Sherif
Thu 0:30 Near-Optimal Multi-Perturbation Experimental Design for Causal Structure Learning
Scott Sussex · Caroline Uhler · Andreas Krause
Thu 0:30 Instance-optimal Mean Estimation Under Differential Privacy
Ziyue Huang · Yuting Liang · Ke Yi
Tue 8:30 Near-Optimal Offline Reinforcement Learning via Double Variance Reduction
Ming Yin · Yu Bai · Yu-Xiang Wang
Thu 8:30 Near-Optimal No-Regret Learning in General Games
Constantinos Daskalakis · Maxwell Fishelson · Noah Golowich
Thu 0:30 Towards Sample-Optimal Compressive Phase Retrieval with Sparse and Generative Priors
Zhaoqiang Liu · Subhroshekhar Ghosh · Jonathan Scarlett
Tue 8:30 Multi-Armed Bandits with Bounded Arm-Memory: Near-Optimal Guarantees for Best-Arm Identification and Regret Minimization
Arnab Maiti · Vishakha Patil · Arindam Khan
Wed 16:30 Breaking the Sample Complexity Barrier to Regret-Optimal Model-Free Reinforcement Learning
Gen Li · Laixi Shi · Yuxin Chen · Yuantao Gu · Yuejie Chi