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The Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation is deeply grateful to our exhibitors who provide funds that are essential to the continued success of the conference. An important use of those funds is the support of the next generation of AI researchers who need financial assistance in order to participate in the conference. This year we are reducing the exhibitor costs to facilitate inclusive and diverse participation of the exhibitor community. Over recent years, some members of our community have observed the lavishness of some of the exhibit spaces and asked whether some portion of the investments made might be redirected to supporting the scientific mission of the conference. We want to stress the importance of the exhibitor alignment with the scientific community to form better collaborations and technical relevance. The conference continues to be an extraordinary recruiting opportunity for exhibitors. We hope that, in combination with the overall lower cost, our efforts will in turn result in higher participation of the research-related exhibitor personnel and an increase in intern and student support towards attending the conference. We invite general exhibitors for Neural Information Processing Systems 2024 in Vancouver Canada at the Publisher, Silver, Gold,  Platinum, and Diamond levels.

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EXPO – The Call for the Neural Information Processing Systems EXPO will be coming out in a few weeks. The EXPO is an opportunity for Diamond and Platinum exhibitors to give a talk, panel discussion, workshop, or demonstration. The EXPO will take place on Monday, December 9th; a day which promises to be rich with content and ideas from industry. Each exhibitor will receive access to the recruitment database. You may want to set up interviews early so interviewees know to include Sunday in their travel plans.

Career Website: The Career Website highlights career opportunities submitted by our Exhibitors, and other top industry, and academic leaders. Exhibitors at the Diamond and Platinum level can post up to 6 opportunities at no cost; Academic departments can post up to 6 opportuities at no cost; all other postings are $100 each. All applications will be reviewed before being published. 

Next Generation Outreach - For 2024, every exhibitor will have up to 30% of their funds directed to a new need-based program to support travel, hotel, food, and registration costs for those in financial need, particularly graduate students and diversity and inclusion efforts.  

When you are ready, please click on the "Apply" button above to begin the application process.

  1. Review exhibitor level
  2. Complete “Your Information” in portal
  3. “Send Invoice” from portal
  4. Add available times for the onboarding meeting if you'd like one 
  5. Upload signed contract in portal or send via email
  6. Send Payment. Due by November 5th
  7. Upload your proof of insurance (COI), before November 8th. You may purchase through our partner, Rainprotection. 
  8. Assign Exhibitor and Full Access Badges in portal before November 22nd