The annual Neural Information Processing Systems Workshops bring together scientists with broadly varying backgrounds in statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics, electrical engineering, neuroscience, and cognitive science, unified by a common desire to develop novel computational and statistical strategies for information processing and to understand the mechanisms for information processing in the brain. As opposed to conferences, these workshops maintain a flexible format that encourages the presentation and discussion of work in progress. The workshops serve as an incubator for the development of important new ideas in this rapidly evolving field. The Series Editors, in consultation with workshop organizers and members of the NIPS Foundation Board, select specific workshop topics on the basis of scientific excellence, intellectual breadth, and technical impact. Collections of papers chosen and edited by the organizers of specific workshops are built around pedagogical introductory chapters, while research monographs provide comprehensive descriptions of workshop-related topics, to create a series of books that provides a timely, authoritative account of the latest developments in the exciting fields of machine learning and neural computation.


For further information about the Series contact:
Michael I. Jordan
Thomas G. Dietterich

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Out of print, no link


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