NeurIPS 2023 Expo Call


The EXPO is a call for Exhibitors to apply to speak or talk/demonstration will be available soon.

NeurIPS is soliciting applications for the EXPO from the NeurIPS exhibitors. This year, we are expanding the solicitation to all levels and non-profit organizations to apply to take part in the EXPO.  The NeurIPS EXPO is a one day, multitrack, interdisciplinary section of the conference focused on ideas being developed in an industrial context. NeurIPS exhibitors are provided booth spaces from Monday - Thursday, where space dimensions vary depending on the selected level of support. 

Talks, panels, demonstrations, workshops, and active training classes will be held on Sun Dec 10, 2023, New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans for a full day before the main NeurIPS conference sessions which start on Monday, December 11th.

The EXPO creates an opportunity for the international exchange of best practices, concerns, and opportunities in the development and use of machine learning and AI between the academic community, industry, non-profits, and other institutions.

The EXPO is focused on placing the foundational ideas that are being developed in the industrial sections of the fields represented at NeurIPS in a real-world context. The following are the tenets of the EXPO:

  • Represent what is taking place in the field of AI/ML research and application globally.
  • Reflect and explore the practical challenges of implementing and deploying AI in the real world. 
  • Help practitioners gain a wider perspective on the context in which algorithms are being used.
  • Present attendees technically useful ideas and actionable thought leadership from an industrial perspective.

Non-profit organizations will need to provide evidence of their not-for-profit status and any statements of public interest-purpose alongside their applications. For non-profit organizations, the first step is to fill out the exhibitor application at

Applications will close on:   Date not found: ExpoCallForTalksAndPanelsDeadline

Submitting multiple applications is permitted. Submission of an application does not assure acceptance. Applications will be reviewed by the Expo team with an eye forward creating an EXPO experience for attendees that represents a diversity of thought and organizations. The EXPO is not an appropriate place for purely sales or marketing content and purposes.

If desired, organizations whose applications are successful may contact Terri Aurrichio for additional content or design support.  All presentations will be live and each presentation is one hour.  Workshops can be up to four hours.

Submit at: Expo Application »