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Latinx in AI

Ignacio G. Lopez-Francos · CJ Barberan · Francisco Zabala · Karla Caballero · Cleber Zanchettin · Ana Maria Quintero · Vítor Lourenço · Walter M Mayor · Vinicius Caridá · Sebastian Caldas · Brayan Ortiz · Gabriela L. Vega Lopez · Abel Reyes-Angulo · Luis G. Sanchez Giraldo · Rocio Athziri Padilla Medina · Aaron Ferber · Marco Sanchez Sorondo · Laura Montoya

Room 217 - 219
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Mon 11 Dec 6:15 a.m. PST — 1:30 p.m. PST


The 6th Annual LXAI Research Workshop, held alongside NeurIPS conference, is a one-day event that unites faculty, researchers, practitioners, and students globally to foster collaborations and exchange novel ideas in the AI field. Spotlighting the contributions of the Latinx/Hispanic community, the workshop offers a platform to discuss current research trends and showcase innovative work. The agenda includes sessions with renowned and early-career speakers, oral presentations, industry and mentoring panels, and collaborative poster sessions, culminating in networking social events. While the primary presenters are from the Latinx/Hispanic community, all are welcome to join and enrich the dialogue.

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