NeurIPS 2022 Space & ML Social Event

Jodie Hughes

Room 391
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Tue 29 Nov 4 p.m. PST — 6 p.m. PST


The NeurIPS 2022 Space & ML social will kick off with an opening lighting round of callbacks, where guests can make their brief case for the potential of ML on (but not limited to) areas such as the following: climate change (predicting wildfires, preventing floods), space exploration, early event detection and situational awareness, fairness and equity in algorithmic decision-making, or open-source science. Following this lightning round, we will organize a social experience for attendees to meet each other and foster co-opetition (cooperative competition) in a space pub quiz, with special guests from our space industry partners (NASA, US Department of Energy, ESA, Australia Space Agency, etc).

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