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A Hybrid Classifier with Diverse Features Selected from Feature Sets Extracted by Machine Learning Models for Image Classification
Luna Zhang
Exploiting Selection Bias on Underspecified Tasks in Large Language Models
Emily McMilin
Fuzzy c-Means Clustering in Persistence Diagram Space for Deep Learning Model Selection
Thomas Davies · Jack Aspinall · Bryan Wilder · Long Tran-Thanh
Wed 9:00 Sparse Interaction Additive Networks via Feature Interaction Detection and Sparse Selection
James Enouen · Yan Liu
Affinity Workshop
Model Interpretation based Sample Selection in Large-Scale Conversational Assistants
Kiana Hajebi
Thu 9:00 Hyperparameter Sensitivity in Deep Outlier Detection: Analysis and a Scalable Hyper-Ensemble Solution
Xueying Ding · Lingxiao Zhao · Leman Akoglu
Parameter tuning and model selection in Optimal Transport with semi-dual Brenier formulation
Adrien Vacher · Francois-Xavier Vialard
Wed 9:00 On the Strong Correlation Between Model Invariance and Generalization
Weijian Deng · Stephen Gould · Liang Zheng
Tue 9:00 Efficient identification of informative features in simulation-based inference
Jonas Beck · Michael Deistler · Yves Bernaerts · Jakob H Macke · Philipp Berens
Tue 14:00 AutoMS: Automatic Model Selection for Novelty Detection with Error Rate Control
Yifan Zhang · Haiyan Jiang · Haojie Ren · Changliang Zou · Dejing Dou
Wed 9:00 Invariance Learning in Deep Neural Networks with Differentiable Laplace Approximations
Alexander Immer · Tycho van der Ouderaa · Gunnar R├Ątsch · Vincent Fortuin · Mark van der Wilk
Wed 9:00 Best of Both Worlds Model Selection
Aldo Pacchiano · Christoph Dann · Claudio Gentile