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Wed 14:00 OpenXAI: Towards a Transparent Evaluation of Model Explanations
Chirag Agarwal · Satyapriya Krishna · Eshika Saxena · Martin Pawelczyk · Nari Johnson · Isha Puri · Marinka Zitnik · Himabindu Lakkaraju
Tue 14:00 Which Explanation Should I Choose? A Function Approximation Perspective to Characterizing Post Hoc Explanations
Tessa Han · Suraj Srinivas · Himabindu Lakkaraju
Wed 9:00 On the Epistemic Limits of Personalized Prediction
Lucas Monteiro Paes · Carol Long · Berk Ustun · Flavio Calmon
Tue 9:00 Modeling the Machine Learning Multiverse
Samuel J. Bell · Onno Kampman · Jesse Dodge · Neil Lawrence
Thu 9:00 [Re] Transparent Object Tracking Benchmark
Žiga Trojer
Expo Talk Panel
Mon 9:30 Uncertainty quantification for fair and transparent AI-assisted decision-making
Prasanna Sattigeri
Tensions Between the Proxies of Human Values in AI
Daniel Nissani · Teresa Datta · John Dickerson · Max Cembalest · Akash Khanna · Haley Massa
Indexing AI Risks with Incidents, Issues, and Variants
Sean McGregor · Kevin Paeth · Khoa Lam
Affinity Workshop
Gender Bias Evaluation in Luganda-English Machine Translation
Eric Peter Wairagala
Affinity Workshop
Impact of Feedback Type on Explanatory Interactive Learning
Misgina Tsighe Hagos · Kathleen Curran · Brian Mac Namee
Fri 8:55 Keynote 5: Building human-centric AI systems: thoughts on user agency, transparency and trust. Fernanda Viegas, Google and Harvard University, US.