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Learning to Continually Learn with Topological Regularization
Tananun Songdechakraiwut · Xiaoshuang Yin · Barry Van Veen
Scalable Vector Representation for Topological Data Analysis Based Classification
Tananun Songdechakraiwut · Bryan Krause · Matthew Banks · Kirill Nourski · Barry Van Veen
Wed 14:00 On the Effectiveness of Persistent Homology
Renata Turkes · Guido Montufar · Nina Otter
Fuzzy c-Means Clustering in Persistence Diagram Space for Deep Learning Model Selection
Thomas Davies · Jack Aspinall · Bryan Wilder · Long Tran-Thanh
Topological Ensemble Detection with Differentiable Yoking
David Klindt · Sigurd Gaukstad · Erik Hermansen · Melvin Vaupel · Benjamin Dunn
Refined Convergence and Topology Learning for Decentralized Optimization with Heterogeneous Data
Batiste Le bars · AurĂ©lien Bellet · Marc Tommasi · Erick Lavoie · Anne-marie Kermarrec
Tue 14:00 Neural Approximation of Graph Topological Features
Zuoyu Yan · Tengfei Ma · Liangcai Gao · Zhi Tang · Yusu Wang · Chao Chen
Modeling Hierarchical Topological Structure in Scientific Images with Graph Neural Networks
Samuel Leventhal · Attila Gyulassy · Valerio Pascucci · Mark Heimann
Mix and Reason: Reasoning over Semantic Topology with Data Mixing for Domain Generalization
Chaoqi Chen · Luyao Tang · Feng Liu · Gangming Zhao · Yue Huang · Yizhou Yu