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Wed 14:00 Faster and Scalable Algorithms for Densest Subgraph and Decomposition
Elfarouk Harb · Kent Quanrud · Chandra Chekuri
Thu 9:00 CCCP is Frank-Wolfe in disguise
Alp Yurtsever · Suvrit Sra
Wed 9:00 Deep Learning Methods for Proximal Inference via Maximum Moment Restriction
Benjamin Kompa · David Bellamy · Tom Kolokotrones · james m robins · Andrew Beam
Tue 9:00 SAPD+: An Accelerated Stochastic Method for Nonconvex-Concave Minimax Problems
Xuan Zhang · Necdet Serhat Aybat · Mert Gurbuzbalaban
Affinity Workshop
Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Network and Gradient Boosting Methods for Bug Severity Classification
Aminu Ahmad
Tue 9:00 Accelerated Primal-Dual Gradient Method for Smooth and Convex-Concave Saddle-Point Problems with Bilinear Coupling
Dmitry Kovalev · Alexander Gasnikov · Peter Richtarik
Wed 9:00 Stability and Generalization Analysis of Gradient Methods for Shallow Neural Networks
Yunwen Lei · Rong Jin · Yiming Ying
Thu 9:00 Accelerated Projected Gradient Algorithms for Sparsity Constrained Optimization Problems
Jan Harold Alcantara · Ching-pei Lee
Tue 9:00 Gradient Methods Provably Converge to Non-Robust Networks
Gal Vardi · Gilad Yehudai · Ohad Shamir
Wed 9:00 Gradient-Free Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization
Tianyi Lin · Zeyu Zheng · Michael Jordan
Thu 9:00 Automatic Differentiation of Programs with Discrete Randomness
Gaurav Arya · Moritz Schauer · Frank Schäfer · Christopher Rackauckas
Thu 9:00 Sobolev Acceleration and Statistical Optimality for Learning Elliptic Equations via Gradient Descent
Yiping Lu · Jose Blanchet · Lexing Ying