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Exact Gradient Computation for Spiking Neural Networks
Jane Lee · Saeid Haghighatshoar · Amin Karbasi
Wed 9:00 Bayesian Clustering of Neural Spiking Activity Using a Mixture of Dynamic Poisson Factor Analyzers
Ganchao Wei · Ian H Stevenson · Xiaojing Wang
IM-Loss: Information Maximization Loss for Spiking Neural Networks
Yufei Guo · Yuanpei Chen · Liwen Zhang · Xiaode Liu · Yinglei Wang · Xuhui Huang · Zhe Ma
Thu 17:15 Panel 6A-1: Exploring Example Influence… & Training Spiking Neural…
Qu Yang · Qing Sun
Tue 9:00 LTMD: Learning Improvement of Spiking Neural Networks with Learnable Thresholding Neurons and Moderate Dropout
SIQI WANG · Tee Hiang Cheng · Meng-Hiot Lim
Tue 9:00 GraphQNTK: Quantum Neural Tangent Kernel for Graph Data
Yehui Tang · Junchi Yan
Tue 9:00 Toward Robust Spiking Neural Network Against Adversarial Perturbation
LING LIANG · Kaidi Xu · Xing Hu · Lei Deng · Yuan Xie
GLIF: A Unified Gated Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron for Spiking Neural Networks
Xingting Yao · Fanrong Li · Zitao Mo · Jian Cheng
Indiscriminate Data Poisoning Attacks on Neural Networks
Yiwei Lu · Gautam Kamath · Yaoliang Yu
Training Spiking Neural Networks with Event-driven Backpropagation
Yaoyu Zhu · Zhaofei Yu · Wei Fang · Xiaodong Xie · Tiejun Huang · Timothée Masquelier
Tue 9:00 Biologically plausible solutions for spiking networks with efficient coding
Veronika Koren · Stefano Panzeri
Affinity Workshop
Neural Collaborative Filtering to Predict Human Contact with Large-Scale GPS data
Jorge Barreras Cortes