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Thu 9:00 Seeing the forest and the tree: Building representations of both individual and collective dynamics with transformers
Ran Liu · Mehdi Azabou · Max Dabagia · Jingyun Xiao · Eva Dyer
Using Sum-Product Networks to estimate neural population stutcture in the brain
Koosha Khalvati · Samantha Johnson · Stefan Mihalas · Michael Buice
Detection is truncation: studying source populations with truncated marginal neural ratio estimation
Noemi Anau Montel · Christoph Weniger
Wed 9:00 Model Zoos: A Dataset of Diverse Populations of Neural Network Models
Konstantin Schürholt · Diyar Taskiran · Boris Knyazev · Xavier Giró-i-Nieto · Damian Borth
Tue 14:00 Mesoscopic modeling of hidden spiking neurons
Shuqi Wang · Valentin Schmutz · Guillaume Bellec · Wulfram Gerstner
Affinity Workshop
Comparing neural population responses based on pairwise $p$-Wasserstein distance between topological signatures
Liu Zhang · Fei Han · KELIN XIA
Sat 11:30 Generative models of non-Euclidean neural population dynamics
Kristopher Jensen
Defending Against Adversarial Attacks via Neural Dynamic System
Xiyuan Li · Zou Xin · Weiwei Liu
Thu 14:00 STNDT: Modeling Neural Population Activity with Spatiotemporal Transformers
Trung Le · Eli Shlizerman
Tue 9:00 Biologically plausible solutions for spiking networks with efficient coding
Veronika Koren · Stefano Panzeri
Dynamic Graph Neural Networks Under Spatio-Temporal Distribution Shift
Zeyang Zhang · Xin Wang · Ziwei Zhang · Haoyang Li · Zhou Qin · Wenwu Zhu
Tue 9:00 Natural gradient enables fast sampling in spiking neural networks
Paul Masset · Jacob Zavatone-Veth · J. Patrick Connor · Venkatesh Murthy · Cengiz Pehlevan