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Tue 14:00 Is Integer Arithmetic Enough for Deep Learning Training?
Alireza Ghaffari · Marzieh S. Tahaei · Mohammadreza Tayaranian · Masoud Asgharian · Vahid Partovi Nia
Thu 14:00 Scalable Distributional Robustness in a Class of Non-Convex Optimization with Guarantees
Avinandan Bose · Arunesh Sinha · Tien Mai
Wed 9:00 Learning to Branch with Tree MDPs
Lara Scavuzzo · Feng Chen · Didier Chetelat · Maxime Gasse · Andrea Lodi · Neil Yorke-Smith · Karen Aardal
Wed 14:00 Graph Learning Assisted Multi-Objective Integer Programming
Yaoxin Wu · Wen Song · Zhiguang Cao · Jie Zhang · Abhishek Gupta · Mingyan Lin
Thu 9:00 Structural Analysis of Branch-and-Cut and the Learnability of Gomory Mixed Integer Cuts
Maria-Florina Balcan · Siddharth Prasad · Tuomas Sandholm · Ellen Vitercik
Tue 14:00 Pushing the limits of fairness impossibility: Who's the fairest of them all?
Brian Hsu · Rahul Mazumder · Preetam Nandy · Kinjal Basu
Nonnegative Tensor Completion via Integer Optimization
Caleb Bugg · Chen Chen · Anil Aswani
Expo Demonstration
Mon 8:00 Efficient super-resolution using 4-bit integer quantization for real-time mobile applications
Anjuman Raha
Thu 9:00 FACT: Learning Governing Abstractions Behind Integer Sequences
Peter Belcak · Ard Kastrati · Flavio Schenker · Roger Wattenhofer
Program Synthesis for Integer Sequence Generation
Natasha Butt · Auke Wiggers · Taco Cohen · Max Welling
Thu 14:00 A Scalable Deterministic Global Optimization Algorithm for Training Optimal Decision Tree
Kaixun Hua · Jiayang Ren · Yankai Cao