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Tue 9:00 Characterizing the Ventral Visual Stream with Response-Optimized Neural Encoding Models
Meenakshi Khosla · Keith Jamison · Amy Kuceyeski · Mert Sabuncu
Tue 14:00 Aligning individual brains with fused unbalanced Gromov Wasserstein
Alexis Thual · Quang Huy TRAN · Tatiana Zemskova · Nicolas Courty · RĂ©mi Flamary · Stanislas Dehaene · Bertrand Thirion
Tue 14:00 Toward a realistic model of speech processing in the brain with self-supervised learning
Juliette MILLET · Charlotte Caucheteux · pierre orhan · Yves Boubenec · Alexandre Gramfort · Ewan Dunbar · Christophe Pallier · Jean-Remi King
Wed 14:00 Compositional generalization through abstract representations in human and artificial neural networks
Takuya Ito · Tim Klinger · Doug Schultz · John Murray · Michael Cole · Mattia Rigotti
Thu 9:00 Convergent Representations of Computer Programs in Human and Artificial Neural Networks
Shashank Srikant · Ben Lipkin · Anna Ivanova · Evelina Fedorenko · Una-May O'Reilly
Explicitly Nonlinear Connectivity-Matrix Independent Component Analysis in Resting fMRI Data
Sara Motlaghian
Training language models for deeper understanding improves brain alignment
Khai Loong Aw · Mariya Toneva