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Wed 9:00 Large-scale Optimization of Partial AUC in a Range of False Positive Rates
Yao Yao · Qihang Lin · Tianbao Yang
Thu 9:00 CCCP is Frank-Wolfe in disguise
Alp Yurtsever · Suvrit Sra
Tue 14:00 Pushing the limits of fairness impossibility: Who's the fairest of them all?
Brian Hsu · Rahul Mazumder · Preetam Nandy · Kinjal Basu
Thu 14:00 Scalable Distributional Robustness in a Class of Non-Convex Optimization with Guarantees
Avinandan Bose · Arunesh Sinha · Tien Mai
Thu 14:00 The Burer-Monteiro SDP method can fail even above the Barvinok-Pataki bound
Liam O'Carroll · Vaidehi Srinivas · Aravindan Vijayaraghavan
Tue 9:00 Convexity Certificates from Hessians
Julien Klaus · Niklas Merk · Konstantin Wiedom · Sören Laue · Joachim Giesen