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Combinational-convolution for flow-based sampling algorithm
Akio Tomiya
Tue 9:00 Learning low-dimensional generalizable natural features from retina using a U-net
Siwei Wang · Benjamin Hoshal · Elizabeth de Laittre · Olivier Marre · Michael Berry · Stephanie Palmer
SCINet: Time Series Modeling and Forecasting with Sample Convolution and Interaction
Minhao LIU · Ailing Zeng · Muxi Chen · Zhijian Xu · Qiuxia LAI · Lingna Ma · Qiang Xu
Tue 14:00 On Measuring Excess Capacity in Neural Networks
Florian Graf · Sebastian Zeng · Bastian Rieck · Marc Niethammer · Roland Kwitt
Thu 9:00 Benign Overfitting in Two-layer Convolutional Neural Networks
Yuan Cao · Zixiang Chen · Misha Belkin · Quanquan Gu
Tue 14:00 Graph Convolution Network based Recommender Systems: Learning Guarantee and Item Mixture Powered Strategy
Leyan Deng · Defu Lian · Chenwang Wu · Enhong Chen
Wed 9:00 CryptoGCN: Fast and Scalable Homomorphically Encrypted Graph Convolutional Network Inference
Ran Ran · Wei Wang · Quan Gang · Jieming Yin · Nuo Xu · Wujie Wen
Thu 9:00 Time-Conditioned Dances with Simplicial Complexes: Zigzag Filtration Curve based Supra-Hodge Convolution Networks for Time-series Forecasting
Yuzhou Chen · Yulia Gel · H. Vincent Poor
Tue 9:00 Wavelet Feature Maps Compression for Image-to-Image CNNs
Shahaf E. Finder · Yair Zohav · Maor Ashkenazi · Eran Treister
Log-Polar Space Convolution Layers
Bing Su · Ji-Rong Wen
Tue 9:00 Relaxing Equivariance Constraints with Non-stationary Continuous Filters
Tycho van der Ouderaa · David W. Romero · Mark van der Wilk
Tue 9:00 A Comprehensive Study on Large-Scale Graph Training: Benchmarking and Rethinking
Keyu Duan · Zirui Liu · Peihao Wang · Wenqing Zheng · Kaixiong Zhou · Tianlong Chen · Xia Hu · Zhangyang Wang