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Can Causal (or Counterfactual) Representations benefit from Quantum Computing?
Rakshit Naidu · Daniel Justice
Tue 14:00 Quantum Speedups of Optimizing Approximately Convex Functions with Applications to Logarithmic Regret Stochastic Convex Bandits
Tongyang Li · Ruizhe Zhang
Toward Neural Network Simulation of Variational Quantum Algorithms
Oliver Knitter · James Stokes · Shravan Veerapaneni
Hierarchical Graph Transformer with Adaptive Node Sampling
ZAIXI ZHANG · Qi Liu · Qingyong Hu · Chee-Kong Lee
Thu 9:00 Differentiable Analog Quantum Computing for Optimization and Control
Jiaqi Leng · Yuxiang Peng · Yi-Ling Qiao · Ming Lin · Xiaodi Wu
Wed 9:00 Gold-standard solutions to the Schrödinger equation using deep learning: How much physics do we need?
Leon Gerard · Michael Scherbela · Philipp Marquetand · Philipp Grohs
Thu 9:00 Quantum Algorithms for Sampling Log-Concave Distributions and Estimating Normalizing Constants
Andrew M. Childs · Tongyang Li · Jin-Peng Liu · Chunhao Wang · Ruizhe Zhang