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Conditional gradient-based method for bilevel optimization with convex lower-level problem
Ruichen Jiang · Nazanin Abolfazli · Aryan Mokhtari · Erfan Yazdandoost Hamedani
Wed 17:00 NL4Opt: Formulating Optimization Problems Based on Their Natural Language Descriptions
Rindranirina Ramamonjison · Timothy Yu · Giuseppe Carenini · Bissan Ghaddar · Raymond Li · Shiqi He · Haley Li · Amin Banitalebi-Dehkordi · Zirui Zhou · Yong Zhang
On Using Deep Learning Proxies as Forward Models in Optimization Problems
Fatima Albreiki · Nidhal Belayouni · Deepak Gupta
Fully Stochastic Trust-Region Sequential Quadratic Programming for Equality-Constrained Optimization Problems
Yuchen Fang · Sen Na · Mladen Kolar
Solving a Special Type of Optimal Transport Problem by a Modified Hungarian Algorithm
Yiling Xie · Yiling Luo · Xiaoming Huo
Wed 14:00 An Asymptotically Optimal Batched Algorithm for the Dueling Bandit Problem
Arpit Agarwal · Rohan Ghuge · viswanath nagarajan
Wed 14:00 Deep Attentive Belief Propagation: Integrating Reasoning and Learning for Solving Constraint Optimization Problems
Yanchen Deng · Shufeng Kong · Caihua Liu · Bo An
Thu 14:00 DIMES: A Differentiable Meta Solver for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Ruizhong Qiu · Zhiqing Sun · Yiming Yang
Tue 14:00 Coresets for Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Optimization Problems
Ruomin Huang · Jiawei Huang · Wenjie Liu · Hu Ding
Learning Generalizable Models for Vehicle Routing Problems via Knowledge Distillation
Jieyi Bi · Yining Ma · Jiahai Wang · Zhiguang Cao · Jinbiao Chen · Yuan Sun · Yeow Meng Chee
Fri 8:30 Quartic Polynomial Sub-problem Solutions in Tensor Methods for Nonconvex Optimization
Wenqi Zhu
Wed 9:00 Escaping from the Barren Plateau via Gaussian Initializations in Deep Variational Quantum Circuits
Kaining Zhang · Liu Liu · Min-Hsiu Hsieh · Dacheng Tao