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Thu 9:00 GULP: a prediction-based metric between representations
Enric Boix-Adsera · Hannah Lawrence · George Stepaniants · Philippe Rigollet
Affinity Workshop
Hierarchically Clustered PCA and CCA via a Convex Clustering Penalty
Amanda Buch · Conor Liston · Logan Grosenick
Towards a non-Gaussian Generative Model of large-scale Reionization Maps
Yu-Heng Lin · Sultan Hassan · Bruno Régaldo-Saint Blancard · Michael Eickenberg · Chirag Modi
Astronomical Image Coaddition with Bundle-Adjusting Radiance Fields
Harlan Hutton · Harshitha Palegar · Shirley Ho · Miles Cranmer · Peter Melchior · Jenna Eubank
Virgo: Scalable Unsupervised Classification of Cosmological Shock Waves
Max Lamparth · Ludwig Böss · Ulrich Steinwandel · Klaus Dolag
HIGlow: Conditional Normalizing Flows for High-Fidelity HI Map Modeling
Roy Friedman · Sultan Hassan