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Learning Superpoint Graph Cut for 3D Instance Segmentation
Le Hui · Linghua Tang · Yaqi Shen · Jin Xie · Jian Yang
Tue 14:00 Reduced Representation of Deformation Fields for Effective Non-rigid Shape Matching
Ramana Subramanyam Sundararaman · Riccardo Marin · Emanuele RodolĂ  · Maks Ovsjanikov
Wed 9:00 Non-rigid Point Cloud Registration with Neural Deformation Pyramid
YANG LI · Tatsuya Harada
Affinity Workshop
Set2Set Transformer: Towards End-to-End 3D Object Detection from Point Clouds
Yeabsira Tessema · Abel Mekonnen · Michael Desta · Selameab Demilew
Thu 14:00 GenSDF: Two-Stage Learning of Generalizable Signed Distance Functions
Gene Chou · Ilya Chugunov · Felix Heide
Tue 9:00 GET3D: A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images
Jun Gao · Tianchang Shen · Zian Wang · Wenzheng Chen · Kangxue Yin · Daiqing Li · Or Litany · Zan Gojcic · Sanja Fidler
Neural Implicit Style-net: synthesizing shapes in a preferred style exploiting self supervision
Marco Fumero · Hooman Shayani · Aditya Sanghi · Emanuele RodolĂ 
Image-computable Bayesian model for 3D motion estimation with natural stimuli explains human biases
Daniel Herrera-Esposito · Johannes Burge
Wed 9:00 Point Transformer V2: Grouped Vector Attention and Partition-based Pooling
Xiaoyang Wu · Yixing Lao · Li Jiang · Xihui Liu · Hengshuang Zhao
Thu 9:00 SCONE: Surface Coverage Optimization in Unknown Environments by Volumetric Integration
Antoine Guedon · Pascal Monasse · Vincent Lepetit
Thu 14:00 Embodied Scene-aware Human Pose Estimation
Zhengyi Luo · Shun Iwase · Ye Yuan · Kris Kitani
Wed 14:00 Self-Supervised Pretraining for Large-Scale Point Clouds
Zaiwei Zhang · Min Bai · Erran Li Li