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Robust Calibration with Multi-domain Temperature Scaling

Yaodong Yu · Stephen Bates · Yi Ma · Michael Jordan

Hall J (level 1) #207

Keywords: [ uncertainty quantification ] [ Distribution Shift ] [ calibration ]


Uncertainty quantification is essential for the reliable deployment of machine learning models to high-stakes application domains. Uncertainty quantification is all the more challenging when training distribution and test distribution are different, even if the distribution shifts are mild. Despite the ubiquity of distribution shifts in real-world applications, existing uncertainty quantification approaches mainly study the in-distribution setting where the train and test distributions are the same. In this paper, we develop a systematic calibration model to handle distribution shifts by leveraging data from multiple domains. Our proposed method---multi-domain temperature scaling---uses the heterogeneity in the domains to improve calibration robustness under distribution shift. Through experiments on three benchmark data sets, we find our proposed method outperforms existing methods as measured on both in-distribution and out-of-distribution test sets.

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