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Transcormer: Transformer for Sentence Scoring with Sliding Language Modeling

Kaitao Song · Yichong Leng · Xu Tan · Yicheng Zou · Tao Qin · Dongsheng Li

Hall J (level 1) #210

Keywords: [ Natural Language Processing ] [ Language Modeling ] [ Reranking ]


Sentence scoring aims at measuring the likelihood score of a sentence and is widely used in many natural language processing scenarios, like reranking, which is to select the best sentence from multiple candidates. Previous works on sentence scoring mainly adopted either causal language modeling (CLM) like GPT or masked language modeling (MLM) like BERT, which have some limitations: 1) CLM only utilizes unidirectional information for the probability estimation of a sentence without considering bidirectional context, which affects the scoring quality; 2) MLM can only estimate the probability of partial tokens at a time and thus requires multiple forward passes to estimate the probability of the whole sentence, which incurs large computation and time cost. In this paper, we propose \textit{Transcormer} -- a Transformer model with a novel \textit{sliding language modeling} (SLM) for sentence scoring. Specifically, our SLM adopts a triple-stream self-attention mechanism to estimate the probability of all tokens in a sentence with bidirectional context and only requires a single forward pass. SLM can avoid the limitations of CLM (only unidirectional context) and MLM (multiple forward passes) and inherit their advantages, and thus achieve high effectiveness and efficiency in scoring. Experimental results on multiple tasks demonstrate that our method achieves better performance than other language modelings.

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