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GAGA: Deciphering Age-path of Generalized Self-paced Regularizer

Xingyu Qu · Diyang Li · Xiaohan Zhao · Bin Gu

Keywords: [ solution path ] [ biconvex optimization ] [ partial optimum ] [ self-paced learning ]


Nowadays self-paced learning (SPL) is an important machine learning paradigm that mimics the cognitive process of humans and animals. The SPL regime involves a self-paced regularizer and a gradually increasing age parameter, which plays a key role in SPL but where to optimally terminate this process is still non-trivial to determine. A natural idea is to compute the solution path w.r.t. age parameter (i.e., age-path). However, current age-path algorithms are either limited to the simplest regularizer, or lack solid theoretical understanding as well as computational efficiency. To address this challenge, we propose a novel Generalized Age-path Algorithm (GAGA) for SPL with various self-paced regularizers based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and sets control, which can learn the entire solution spectrum w.r.t. a range of age parameters. To the best of our knowledge, GAGA is the first exact path-following algorithm tackling the age-path for general self-paced regularizer. Finally the algorithmic steps of classic SVM and Lasso are described in detail. We demonstrate the performance of GAGA on real-world datasets, and find considerable speedup between our algorithm and competing baselines.

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