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S3GC: Scalable Self-Supervised Graph Clustering

Fnu Devvrit · Aditya Sinha · Inderjit Dhillon · Prateek Jain

Hall J (level 1) #124

Keywords: [ GNN ] [ contrastive learning ] [ graph clustering ]


We study the problem of clustering graphs with additional side-information of node features. The problem is extensively studied, and several existing methods exploit Graph Neural Networks to learn node representations. However, most of the existing methods focus on generic representations instead of their cluster-ability or do not scale to large scale graph datasets. In this work, we propose S3GC which uses contrastive learning along with Graph Neural Networks and node features to learn clusterable features. We empirically demonstrate that S3GC is able to learn the correct cluster structure even when graph information or node features are individually not informative enough to learn correct clusters. Finally, using extensive evaluation on a variety of benchmarks, we demonstrate that S3GC is able to significantly outperform state-of-the-art methods in terms of clustering accuracy -- with as much as 5% gain in NMI -- while being scalable to graphs of size 100M.

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