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Draft-and-Revise: Effective Image Generation with Contextual RQ-Transformer

Doyup Lee · Chiheon Kim · Saehoon Kim · Minsu Cho · WOOK SHIN HAN

Hall J (level 1) #209

Keywords: [ transformer ] [ Image Generation ] [ discrete image representation ]


Although autoregressive models have achieved promising results on image generation, their unidirectional generation process prevents the resultant images from fully reflecting global contexts. To address the issue, we propose an effective image generation framework of \emph{Draft-and-Revise} with \emph{Contextual RQ-transformer} to consider global contexts during the generation process. As a generalized VQ-VAE, RQ-VAE first represents a high-resolution image as a sequence of discrete code stacks. After code stacks in the sequence are randomly masked, Contextual RQ-Transformer is trained to infill the masked code stacks based on the unmasked contexts of the image. Then, we propose the two-phase decoding, Draft-and-Revise, for Contextual RQ-Transformer to generates an image, while fully exploiting the global contexts of the image during the generation process. Specifically. in the \emph{draft} phase, our model first focuses on generating diverse images despite rather low quality. Then, in the \emph{revise} phase, the model iteratively improves the quality of images, while preserving the global contexts of generated images. In experiments, our method achieves state-of-the-art results on conditional image generation. We also validate that the Draft-and-Revise decoding can achieve high performance by effectively controlling the quality-diversity trade-off in image generation.

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