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MetricFormer: A Unified Perspective of Correlation Exploring in Similarity Learning

Jiexi Yan · Erkun Yang · Cheng Deng · Heng Huang

Hall J (level 1) #1042


Similarity learning can be significantly advanced by informative relationships among different samples and features. The current methods try to excavate the multiple correlations in different aspects, but cannot integrate them into a unified framework. In this paper, we provide to consider the multiple correlations from a unified perspective and propose a new method called MetricFormer, which can effectively capture and model the multiple correlations with an elaborate metric transformer. In MetricFormer, the feature decoupling block is adopted to learn an ensemble of distinct and diverse features with different discriminative characteristics. After that, we apply the batch-wise correlation block into the batch dimension of each mini-batch to implicitly explore sample relationships. Finally, the feature-wise correlation block is performed to discover the intrinsic structural pattern of the ensemble of features and obtain the aggregated feature embedding for similarity measuring. With three kinds of transformer blocks, we can learn more representative features through the proposed MetricFormer. Moreover, our proposed method can be flexibly integrated with any metric learning framework. Extensive experiments on three widely-used datasets demonstrate the superiority of our proposed method over state-of-the-art methods.

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