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Near-Optimal Correlation Clustering with Privacy

Vincent Cohen-Addad · Chenglin Fan · Silvio Lattanzi · Slobodan Mitrovic · Ashkan Norouzi-Fard · Nikos Parotsidis · Jakub Tarnawski

Hall J (level 1) #718

Keywords: [ differential privacy ] [ Correlation Clustering ] [ Clustering ] [ Approximation Algorithms ]


Correlation clustering is a central problem in unsupervised learning, with applications spanning community detection, duplicate detection, automated labeling and many more. In the correlation clustering problem one receives as input a set of nodes and for each node a list of co-clustering preferences, and the goal is to output a clustering that minimizes the disagreement with the specified nodes' preferences. In this paper, we introduce a simple and computationally efficient algorithm for the correlation clustering problem with provable privacy guarantees. Our additive error is stronger than those obtained in prior work and is optimal up to polylogarithmic factors for fixed privacy parameters.

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