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Workshop: Workshop on Machine Learning Safety

Instance-Aware Observer Network for Out-of-Distribution Object Segmentation

Victor Besnier · Andrei Bursuc · Alexandre Briot · David Picard


Recent works on predictive uncertainty estimation have shown promising results on Out-Of-Distribution (OOD) detection for semantic segmentation. However, these methods struggle to precisely locate the point of interest in the image, i.e, the anomaly. This limitation is due to the difficulty of fine-grained prediction at the pixel level. To address this issue, we build upon the recent ObsNet approach by providing object instance knowledge to the observer. We extend ObsNet by harnessing an instance-wise mask prediction. We use an additional, class agnostic, object detector to filter and aggregate observer predictions. Finally, we predict an unique anomaly score for each instance in the image. We show that our proposed method accurately disentangles in-distribution objects from OOD objects on three datasets.

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