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Workshop: Workshop on Machine Learning Safety

MoAT: Meta-Evaluation of Anti-Malware Trustworthiness

Sharon Lin · Marc Fyrbiak · Christof Paar


Many studies have proposed methods for the automated detection of malware. The benchmarks used for evaluating these methods often vary, hindering a trustworthy comparative analysis of models. We analyzed the evaluation criteria of over 100 malware detection methods from 2018-2022 in order to understand the current state of malware detection. From our study, we devised several criteria for benchmarking future malware detection methods. Our findings indicate that a finer-grained class balance in datasets is necessary to ensure the robustness of models. In addition, a metric robust to distribution shifts, e.g. AUC, should be used in future studies to prevent the inflation of results in unrealistic distribution regimes. The composition of datasets should also be disclosed in order to ensure a fair comparison of models. To our knowledge, this study is the first to assess the trustworthiness of evaluations from multi-domain malware detection methods.

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