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Workshop: Workshop on Machine Learning Safety

Probabilistically Robust PAC Learning

Vinod Raman · Ambuj Tewari · UNIQUE SUBEDI

Abstract: Recently, Robey et al. propose a notion of probabilistic robustness, which, at a high-level, requires a classifier to be robust to most but not all perturbations. They show that for certain hypothesis classes where proper learning under worst-case robustness is \textit{not} possible, proper learning under probabilistic robustness \textit{is} possible with sample complexity exponentially smaller than in the worst-case robustness setting. This motivates the question of whether proper learning under probabilistic robustness is always possible. In this paper, we show that this is \textit{not} the case. We exhibit examples of hypothesis classes $\mathcal{H}$ with finite VC dimension that are \textit{not} probabilistically robustly PAC learnable with \textit{any} proper learning rule.

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