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Poster Session
Workshop: Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

Poster Session 3


Poster sessions take place in the following Topia space:

The links below provide access to the video presentations,, direct Topia links and further materials featured on the workshop website.

Papers Track:

  1. Function Approximations for Reinforcement Learning Controller for Wave Energy Converters
  2. Bayesian inference for aerosol vertical profiles
  3. Levee protected area detection for improved flood risk assessment in global hydrology models
  4. Bridging the Microwave Data Gap; Using Bayesian Deep Learning to “See” the Unseen
  5. Data-Driven Optimal Solver for Coordinating a Sustainable and Stable Power Grid
  6. Exploring Randomly Wired Neural Networks for Climate Model Emulation
  7. Closing the Domain Gap -- Blended Synthetic Imagery for Climate Object Detection
  8. Reconstruction of Grid Measurements in the Presence of Adversarial Attacks
  9. Bayesian State-Space SCM for Deforestation Baseline Estimation for Forest Carbon Credit
  10. Learn to Bid: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Transformer for Energy Storage Bidding in Energy and Contingency Reserve Markets
  11. Nowformer : A Locally Enhanced Temporal Learner for Precipitation Nowcasting
  12. Multimodal Wildland Fire Smoke Detection
  13. Dynamic weights enabled Physics-Informed Neural Network for simulating the mobility of Engineered Nano Particles in a contaminated aquifer
  14. Synthesis of Realistic Load Data: Adversarial Networks for Learning and Generating Residential Load Patterns

Proposals Track:

  1. Guided Transformer Network for Detecting Methane Emissions in Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
  2. Identification of medical devices using machine learning on distribution feeder data for informing power outage response
  3. Towards Low Cost Automated Monitoring of Life Below Water to De-risk Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal and Clean Power
  4. Estimating Heating Loads in Alaska using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Methods

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