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Workshop: Challenges in Deploying and Monitoring Machine Learning Systems

MLOps for Compositional AI

Debmalya Biswas


Enterprise adoption of AI/ML services has significantly accelerated in the last few years. However, the majority of ML models are still developed with the goal of solving a single task, e.g., prediction, classification. In this context, Compositional AI envisions seamless composition of existing AI/ML services, to provide a new (composite) AI/ML service, capable of addressing complex multi-domain use-cases. In this work, we consider two MLOps aspects that need to be enabled to realize Composable AI scenarios: (i) integration of DataOps and MLOps, and (ii) extension of the integrated DataOps-MLOps pipeline such that inferences made by a deployed ML model can be provided as training dataset for a new model. In an enterprise AI/ML environment, this enables reuse, agility, and efficiency in development and maintenance efforts.

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